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Frequently Asked Questions
How could winters affect the health of my skin?
Winters, like summers can be harsh on your skin. The strong winter winds make the skin dull and dry. As a result, skin becomes patchy and rough. The skin also gets dehydrated due to lack of water content. All these problems really affect your skin badly.
How can I keep my skin soft and healthy in winters?
To keep your skin soft & healthy in winters you should apply a generous amount of a good cold cream, evenly on the neck, face and hands. For best
result you should apply a good herbal based cold cream that contains Aloe-Vera which works as a natural moisturizing and anti-ageing agent that
makes the skin soft, healthy and youthful.
My hair is dry and I am losing it rapidly, what could be the reasons?
If you have dry hair, it’s natural to lose more hair than normal. Dry hair also tends to turn fizzy and rough. Dry hair is normally caused by heat, an
open cuticle, chemicals applied to the hair, and poor maintenance.
Can I enjoy a healthy and shining hair even if my hair is dry?
You surely can have a healthy and shining hair! It’s best to remember that using a good chemical free shampoo is the only way to maintain dry hair in a proper way. You should use purely herbal formulated, coconut shampoo prepared specifically to nourish, hydrate, condition and add volume to dry, rough hair. Such shampoo makes the hair more manageable due to the presence of natural extracts of coconut, helping check untimely graying & falling of hair and making it soft, smooth, shining and healthy
What type of shampoo should I use to get rid of dandruff?
You can get rid of dandruff; all you need is a good anti-dandruff shampoo. Your shampoo should be totally based on herbals and specially formulated for dull & dry hair so that it prevents the appearance of dandruff, relieving the scalp of irritation. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with pH Balance relieves the scalp of flaky build-up while restoring its pH Balance. It cleanses thoroughly & gently, is safe enough for daily use and maintains shine & manageability.
What are the factors that badly affect long hair?
Like any other body part, hair has its own specific needs and requires good care at all stems. The biggest problem affecting long hair is hair fall. From
the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep and even as you sleep, there are many factors that can lead to hair breakage. One of the most
common causes is poor maintenance, things like improper brushing or brushing when hair is wet, lifestyle factors such as poor nutrition, stress and
even irregular sleeping hours also lead to hair damage.
What type of moisturizer should I use to make my skin soft & supple?
While buying a moisturizer, make sure your moisturizer must contains wheatgerm oil, olive oil extracts & aloe vera, that together help keep your skin soft & supple.
What are the factors that lead to sagging of breasts more early? What should be done to get back the natural firmness of the
Various factors lead to sagging of breasts like, pregnancy, breast feeding, rapid weight loss, genetics and age. To get back the natural firmness and
perkiness of breasts, one should apply herbals formulated cream, specially designed for breasts that act as natural cosmetic lift and help improve the appearance and shape of aging breasts, restoring their vitality and natural firmness.
What components make an effective deep pore cleansing milk and how does it work?
The natural herbs, oil & rose should be present in a good quality deep pore cleansing milk. It open up the skin’s pores temporarily, removing deep-
seated grime, sebum, sweat & any make up residue.
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