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Three-N-Products Pvt. Ltd. is in Herbal Cosmetics business with the brand name Ayur Herbals since 1984 and its inception has been a reflection of
customer requirements. With an objective to become one roof solution for all beauty and cosmetic needs, Ayur provides a wide range of beauty
cosmetics strictly prepared with herbal components so that you look great without bothering about any side-effects on your skin and hair.

Ayur ensures, always, that the consumer gets his value for money and this is the most prominent reason behind Ayur’s successful establishment in
domestic market and increasing impact in other countries. According to Mr. Manminder Singh Narang, the MD.
About Ayur
History of the company spells the triumph of burning desire, courage to face the entire hardihood en route turning dreams into a reality and a lot of
spadework, of course. At this time, Ayur has more than 155 variants in Hair, Skin & Face Care Products. But it all started with a single product- Hair
Removing Wax. 1984 was the year when Ayur wore an identity of a Brand for Three-N-Products  Pvt. Ltd. with a promise to enhance the beauty of
Indian women and, women across the world. Avid success of this single product fueled this company to introduce Herbal Hair & Skin Care Products in
the market. Very soon these products became the first choice amongst Masses/ Lower-upper Segment seeking for genuine consumer products in the
horde of chemical based beauty enhancing products.
Research & Development
Our research & development domain makes it sure to offer the quality products, no matter how much pain they go through for this, and they have no
complaints for this. Ayur’s independent R&D center is divided into different sections to test, receive and inform. Ayur is well-equipped with foreign
advanced equipments to result in most efficient and quality products.

The R&D sphere consists of ample experience and strong ability of scientific research, always giving ways to new formulas and making imitations
according to clients’ requirements, controlling and improving manufacturing technological process. Ayur’s R&D keeps close scientific research
assistance with the expert dealing with chemistry and medicine.
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About Ayur
Ayur, after establishing successfully in domestic market, now is in optative mood to repeat its success story across the International market. Presently,
Ayur’s Products are being exported to countries like USA, MAURITIUS, PANAMA, WEST INDIES, NEPAL, BANGLADESH, THAILAND & SOUTH AFRICA.
With bursting zeal and practical approach Ayur Herbal Cosmetics wants to capitalize on ‘Business Partnership Concept.’

Ayur is always looking for partnerships around the world to promote its range of herbal products as the company firmly go with the line “Together we
grow, together we grow faster”
If you want to import our product(s) in bulk quantity or want to have partnership with us as Distributor or Reseller in your country, feel free to contact
us at